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The Watchful Servant



                           PART VIII: THE MISCELLANEOUS PARABLES
                               CHAPTER 35
            The  Parable  of  the Watchful Servants is found  only  in
         Luke  12:35-38.    Barclay  places  it  in  a  group with The
         Householder and the Thief  (Luke  12:39-40/Matthew  24:42-44;
         The  Faithful  and  the  Unfaithful  Servant  (Luke 12:41-46/
         Matthew  24:45-51);   and   The   Servants'   Responsibility.
         (Barclay, DAILY STUDY BIBLE SERIES, LUKE pp. 170 ff.).
The Story
                     "Be  dressed  ready  for service and
                   keep your lamps burning, like men waiting
                   for their master to return from a wedding
                   banquet, so that when he comes and knocks
                   they  can  immediately  open the door for
                   him.  It will be good for those  servants
                   whose  master finds them watching when he
                   comes.  I tell you  the  truth,  he  will
                   dress  himself  to  serve, will have them
                   recline at the table and  will  come  and
                   wait  on them.  It will be good for those
                   servants whose master finds  them  ready,
                   even  if  he comes in the second or third
                   watch of the night. (Luke  12:35-38,  New
                   International Version).
             The word translated servant is DOULOS,  "a  bond-slave."
           p.  193).   Paul  referred to himself as a bond-slave of Christ:

             In  calling himself, however, a `bondslave of Jesus
            Christ,' e.g., Rom. 1:1, the Apostle Paul intimates
            (1) that he had been formerly a bondslave of Satan,
            and (2) that, having been bought by Christ, he  was
            now  a  willing  slave,  bound  to  his new Master.
            TESTAMENT WORDS, s.v., "Bondman, Bondmaid").

              The night watches, as they correspond to our time, were:

              First watch          6-9 p.m.
              Second watch      9-12 (Midnight)
              Third watch        12-3 a.m.
              Fourth watch       3-6 a.m.

            (BEACON BIBLE COMMENTARY, LUKE, By  Charles
            Childers,  pp. 527 ff.).

         The Interpretation
               The characters and symbols of the story, and the persons and
              things that they represent in reality are:
              1.  [Bond]-Servants          Believers
              2.  The Master                 Jesus
              3.  The Master's return    Jesus' Second Coming
               Barclay  suggests  how  the  Lord should find us when he comes
               the second time:
             1.  With our work completed
             2.  At peace with our fellow-men
             3.  At peace with oneself.

        (Barclay, DAILY STUDY BIBLE SERIES, LUKE pp. 170 ff.).

            The phrase in Luke 12:37, "he [Jesus] will dress himself
         to  serve"  is  literally,  "he  will  gird   himself,"   the
         translation of one Greek word, PERIDZOSETAI.  Clarke
         explains this custom in Jesus' day:

                     37.  HE SHALL GIRD HIMSELF.  Alluding to the
                 long  garments  which  were  worn  in  the  Eastern
                 countries; and which, in  travelling  and  serving,
                 were  tucked  up  in their belts.  That those among
                 the Romans who waited on the company at table  were
                 GIRDED,  and  had  their clothes tucked up, appears
                 from what Horace says, "He runs about like a girded
                 waiter."  (Clarke,  COMMENTARY  ON  THE HOLY
                 BIBLE,  Abridged by Ralph Earle, p. 875).
            It is interesting  to  note  that  Jesus will serve  his
         followers  when  he  returns.    This  is  a role-reversal of
         Master-Servant.  The Christian willfully accepts the
         Lordship  of  Christ  in this life and seeks to serve him.
         When Christ  returns,  he  will  serve  his  followers.
         NOTE:  This is nothing  new on Jesus' part: he served his
         disciples while on  earth by a life of dedication and finally,
         by dying for them.

         He makes intercession for his disciples while he is away:

                   ...because  Jesus lives forever, he has a
                   permanent priesthood.   Therefore  he  is
                   able to save completely those who come to
                   God through him, because he always  lives
                   to intercede for them.   (Hebrews 7:24-25,
                   New International Version).

                                     Central Truth
                            GOD CHARGES US TO BE PREPARED  
                                      FOR  JESUS' SECOND COMING.
           We must be constantly "tuned in" to God,  listening  for
         his direction.  As we constantly seek to do his will, we will
         be watching for the return of the Lord Jesus  Christ  and  we
         will be prepared when he arrives.   END.