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New And Old Treasures


            CHAPTER 9  New and Old Treasures


            This is the fourth parable that Jesus taught his
         disciples in private.  It is sometimes called the Parable of
         the Householder.  It is only found in Matthew 13:52.

          The Story
                       "Have you understood all these
                   things?" Jesus asked.
                        "Yes," they replied.
                        He said to them,  "Therefore every
                   teacher   of   the   law   who has been
                   instructed about the kingdom of heaven is
                   like the owner of a house who brings out
                   of his storeroom new treasures as well as
                   old." (Matthew 13:51-52,
                   New International Version).

                          "Do you  understand  these  things?"
                   Jesus asked them.

                        "Yes," they answered.

                        So he  replied,  "This  means, then,
                   that  every  teacher  of  the  Law,   who
                   becomes    a  disciple in the  Kingdom of
                   heaven is  like a homeowner who takes new
                   and old things out of his  storage room."
                   (Matthew    13:51-52,   Today's   English

               Jesus  asked  his  disciples  if  they  understood  the
         previous parables. They affirmed that they did.  He then gave
         the fourth and  last  parable  of  this  series  to  them  in
         private.    The  parable  is  a  statement  about a scribe (a
         teacher of the scriptures)  who becomes a  disciple (learner)
         in  the  kingdom  of  heaven [God] is  like a house master who
         gives forth  both new and old things from his treasury.

                                  The Interpretation

             William Barclay does an excellent  job  of  interpreting
         this parable:

                   What Jesus is  in effect saying is  this: "You
              are  able  to  understand,  because you  came to me
              with a fine  heritage.    You  came  with  all  the
              teaching  of    the law and the prophets.  A scribe
              comes to me with a lifetime of study of the law and
              of all its commandments.  That background helps you
              to understand.  But after you have been  instructed
              by  me,  you  have  the  knowledge, not only of the
              things you used to know, but of  things  you  never
              knew  before,  and  even the  knowledge  which  you
              had before is lit up and illuminated by what I have
              told  to  you." [William Barclay, DAILY BIBLE STUDY
              SERIES, MATTHEW  (Philadelphia: Westminster  Press,
              1958), p. 100].

              This  parable  was  directed  to  his  disciples.    His
         disciples  had   been taught  Old  Testament  truths.   Jesus
         was now  their teacher.  He was teaching  them the meaning of
         the  Old   Testament and  explaining what parts were to be
         superseded by his coming death.  He  was  also  bringing  new
         truth to them.

              Jesus did not do away with the Mosaic Law.   Ralph Earle
         comments that Jesus both fulfilled the  Law  and  "Filled  it
         Full."   Jesus himself says,

                        "Do not think that I  have  come  to
                   abolish  the  Law or the Prophets; I have
                   not come to abolish them but  to  fulfill
                   them.  I tell you the truth, until heaven
                   and earth  disappear,  not  the  smallest
                   letter,  not  the  least stroke of a pen,
                   will by any means disappear from the  Law
                   until everything is accomplished.  Anyone
                   who breaks one  of  the  least  of  these
                   commandments and teaches others to do the
                   same will be called least in the  kingdom
                   of  heaven,  but  whoever  practices  and
                   teaches these  commands  will  be  called
                   great in the kingdom of heaven.   Matthew
                   5:17-19, New International Version).

                                Central Truth

                      JESUS' DISCIPLES HAVE A RICH

               As disciples of Christ, we  must  be  about our Father's
         business of sharing  the  good  news of the Word  of  God  to
         people who are spiritually needy and hungry.   END