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May 2000

The zip file containing all the images in blank format, the html and the javascript you see here is at the bottom of this page.

Matching Hex Code Colors:

  • Normal Text - #FFFFFF
  • Links - #F0EAB2
  • Visited Links - #D1F9FA
  • Active Link (alink) -#FFEB34
  • Page Preload Color (bgcolor) - #000000

FONT (used in the demo): Lithos/Lithograph



  If you use this theme, I ask that you please do the honorable thing and:

  1. Register your use of my artwork here
  2. Place a link back to on every page the artwork is featured on, using either the matching logo provided in the zip or one of these logos
  3. Do not alter the images in any way except through the addition of your own titles and subtitles to the blank images provided for this purpose.
  4. Purchase a license fee before you put this imagery on a commercial site, i.e. a site from which any financial profit is derived; or if you use it to design a site for pay for a client.
  5. Do not redistribute the artwork through any medium, either online, fixed or removable.

Thank you!


Click here for the zip file

Design and Graphics Copyright © 1996,1997,1998,1999,2000, Moyra/MysticPC